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Welcome to CIS

Our History and our Future

Established in 2009, The Chinese Immersion School at De Avila is the 5th of San Francisco Unified School District’s Chinese Immersion Programs.

The beautiful and historic William De Avila Elementary building with its high ceilings, wide hallways, gleaming floors, six playgrounds, and a spacious and bright lunch room, provides a beautiful environment for children and teachers.

The classrooms are bright and clean and feature new computers, new furniture, and new teaching materials making CIS a delightful place to learn.  With brand new playground sports equipment, we are building healthy bodies and encouraging a start of an active lifestyle.

Classes at CIS began on August 24, 2009 with two 1st grade and three kindergarten classes. Additional upper grade classes will be added each year until the school becomes a full kindergarten to fifth grade elementary school.

Chinese Immersion School at De Avila is about ...

Learning:  At Chinese Immersion School, we have worked hard to create an active and engaging learning environment.  Our highly trained and specialized teachers are devoted to helping each student master the curriculum.

Chinese and English are key components of our academic program.  Beginning in kindergarten and first grade students are introduced to Chinese characters and Cantonese, the dialect of Hong Kong and Southern China and used by over 70 million people in the world today.  Approximately 80% of the instruction is in Cantonese with the remaining 20% devoted to developing the English skills of the students.  Beginning in the second grade, the students are introduced to Mandarin -- the most used language in the world spoken by over one billion people worldwide.

In addition to Chinese and English, our students enjoy a complete academic program that includes mathematics, science, history, physical education and music.

With the help of devoted parent volunteers, support staff and paraprofessionals we strive to give every student the attention they need to succeed.

Diversity:  The students and families of CIS reflect the rich diversity of San Francisco!  Our school community includes individuals from all backgrounds.  At CIS they find common ground in their shared love of learning. 

Enrichment:  Although the school is new, it already offers a number of enrichment programs including music, physical education, a school library, before school care (with breakfast) as well after school program.

The after school program includes a number of exciting experiences for students including Tree Frog Trek and Kung Fu classes.

Before school care begins at 7:00 a.m. and after school care is provided until 6:00 p.m.

Community:  CIS is much more than a building or curricula.  CIS is a vibrant, active community engaging with the broader community around it.  Our community includes a strong PTA with a terrific spirit of parent participation and volunteerism. 

CIS prides itself on raising up students.