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Science Fair

Friday, February 9, 2018

6-8 p.m., CIS Auditorium

Orientation video:

Registration: Register Here!


CIS will be having our fifth annual Science Fair!  We hope that, with your enthusiastic encouragement, your student will participate in the fair by preparing a project. This will be an exciting experience for your child!

Participation by students in this event is highly encouraged but not required, and student grades are in no way impacted by participation.  The event is completely voluntary and sponsored by the CIS PTA.

The Science Fair increases student awareness of science and provides an opportunity for them to develop positive attitudes about themselves and their work. The science project allows children to use critical thinking and problem solving skills learned in science, language arts, and in math.

For a great introduction to Science Fair and Science Projects for kids, visit Brainpop or Brainpop Jr.  CIS PTA has paid for every student to have access.  If you do not know the login and password, please check with your teacher.

For parents and kids to watch together, there is a great series of You Tube videos that explains both Science Fairs and Science Projects.   They provide step-by-step instructions and explanations of all the elements of a Science Fair Project and Engineering Projects.

To participate in the Science Fair, please complete the online registration form using the link at the top of this page.  Alternatively, the Parent and Student Handbook contains the CIS at De Avila Science Project Selection Form.  You may print and complete this form with your child and return it to the PTA Lock Box (on the second floor next to room 206) or to the School Office by the deadline listed on the Science Fair Website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Science Fair Chairs at