Chinese Immersion School at De Avila

Why Chinese Immersion?

One of the most common regrets of American adults is that they never learned to master a second language.  Countless studies have shown that children are far better at acquiring languages than adults are, and yet most schools continue to teach children only English until middle school or high school. 

Immersion language learning helps children to learn a new language in the same way that we all learned our first language – by surrounding them in a warm and supportive environment in which they are encouraged to use the language for everyday communication.

Chinese Immersion School (CIS) uses a dual immersion method of instruction.  English speaking students and Chinese speaking students are placed together in the same class and learn all of their subjects – Chinese, English, math, science, history, etc. – side by side.  This allows the students to learn from one another and to develop their language skills more quickly than they might in ESL or foreign language classes.