Chinese Immersion School at De Avila

PTA Officers and Chairs for 2018-2019

Executive Board

  • President:  Nori Yatsunami Tong

  • Executive Vice President:  Amber Leung

  • VP School Events:  Le Thai

  • VP of Fundraising:  Charlie Gregg

  • VP of Communications:  Troy Eastlack

  • Secretary:  Megan McCarthy

  • Treasurer: Bonnie Tong

  • Financial Secretary: Joanne Kwan

  • Auditor: David Kirkbride

  • Historian: Kit Hodge

  • Parliamentarian: Katherine Carvajal

  • Principal: Wendy Cheong

  • Teacher Representative: Jessica Tse

  • Teacher Representative: Stella Lau

Committee Chairs

  • PTA Membership Chair:  Kelly Ng
  • Legislative Chair:  Eli Sadller
  • Beautification, Gardening & Greening Committee Chair:  Yajun Wang
  • Arts Committee Chair:  Judy Miu
  • Technology Committee Chair:  Jana Thompson

Functional Coordinators

  • Apparel Coordinator:  Nick Shockett

  • Book Fair Coordinator:  OPEN

  • Book Bag and MP3 Book Bag Coordinator:  Mary Yuen and Judy

  • Boxtops label Coordinator:  Holly Yang

  • Chinese Translation Coordinator:  Paulina Huei

  • Chinese New Year Parade Coordinators:  OPEN

  • Enrollment Tours and Fair Coordinator:  David Hong

  • Educational Grants Coordinator:  Heather Snider

  • Lost and Found Coordinator:  Denise Downs

  • PTA Bulletin Board Coordinator:  OPEN

  • Room Parents Coordinator:  Stephanie Chan

  • School Webmasters:  Nelson Lee, Jenny Au

  • Stop Drop and Go & Stop Pick Up and Go Coordinator:  DJ Burt

  • Student of the Month Bulletin Board Coordinator:  OPEN

  • Chinese Translation Coordinator:  Paulina Huei

  • Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator:  Sarah Kirkbride, Tuesy Chia, Amy Fong

  • Wednesday Envelope Coordinator:  Melissa Helms and Amy Fong

  • Welcome New Families Coordinator:  Eli Saddler

  • MP3 Book Bag Coordinator:  Mary Yuen and Judy

  • Back to School Picnic Coordinator:  OPEN

  • Welcome Breakfast Coordinator:  Karen and Charlie Oppenheimer

  • Yearbook Coordinator:  Daniel Lam

  • 5th-grade Promotion Coordinator (Class of 2019):  Betty Tran

Contact Nori Yatsunami Tong, nori.yatsunami.tong(at) if you are interested in any of the OPEN coordinator roles!